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It’s going to be your perfect day. Just perfect! And beautiful! And fun! And don’t forget the weather–that will need to be gorgeous, too! There’s no doubt these are just some of the expectations swirling through the minds of brides when facing the wedding planning process head-on. So, where in the world do you begin? For many, choosing the perfect space to house all the day’s love and happiness, food and drinks, family and friends, and–of course–dancing the night away, is the first step. After all, it’s that very place that will be featured in many of your photos, wowing your guests, setting the tone for the day’s festivities and, ultimately, providing the services you are seeking and paying for!

When it comes to choosing the right venue, some couples have their hearts set on a space that will allow their personalities to shine. Some want what’s classic and traditional. The D.I.Y.-ers out there love the idea of doing everything themselves and, for others, an all-inclusive venue is the way to go. While one bride dreams of a grand space, another craves a cozier setting. The reasons behind choosing  a venue are clearly countless and with so many venue options out there, it’s important to know what it is you are getting before making that all-important decision. To help, we are zeroing in on the reasons why ballrooms continue to check the boxes on many brides’ lists. While they are a classic type of venue, they continue to attract many types of brides. Read on to learn more about their appeal and how they continue to stand the test of time.



Abbey Beach Resort main entrance

Do you ever wish you could just hop into bed after a wedding or big event? Well, with these venues you can sometimes do just that!  Ballrooms affiliated with hotels often offer room blocks, making the celebration that much more convenient and easy for the bride, groom and their guests, especially those from out of town. To view our range of accommodation click here


When looking at packages some venues offer “all-inclusive” wedding packages which typically includes all the vendors, coordination and professional staff it takes to plan the entire scope of a wedding. At some venues, it may go so far as to include everything except the bride and groom! It is worth going through the details with a member of the sales team to ensure you are clear on everything this entails. It is up to you to decide if you will be satisfied with the end results. For example, are you getting the best deal with the options included or it better to go with individual vendors? Are you saving just time, money, or both? Take note that extra fees may or may not be included, so make sure you comb through the details carefully.  Whether you are someone who knows, hands down, you want your venue to take care of everything (think linens, tables, chairs, napkins, projectors, lighting, gourmet catering and more!) or you are unsure, it might be nice to know you have options with this category of venues! Also, if you would like certain offerings like linens and chair coverings, but you prefer to use your own cake vendor, many venues will work with you by offering customizable options. To see our great wedding packages click here



Weddings at Abbey Beach resort

Do you dream of a lush garden setting or an outdoor ceremony, but fear what Mother Nature might decide to do on your big day? A ballroom or hotel with an outdoor space might be just the venue you need. The space might be available for a ceremony, extra seating, mingling, cocktail festivities or all of the above. Check with your venue to see what they offer and find out what their rain plan is, if they do allow for something significant like a ceremony or cocktail hour. For those who prefer variation in their wedding day scenery, moving from a ballroom to a rotunda to a courtyard can add interest, different places for guests to mingle, mini vignettes for photography or a place to escape with the groom for a moment of fresh air!


Let’s face it, no two ballrooms or hotels are exactly alike. The best part about this category is the variety of venues available. Each has its own characteristics that makes them unique and sets them apart. If you dream of a historic, vintage space, you can find an established venue with tons of character that matches your tastes. If a modern space is what you desire, a sleeker building with clean lines might be just the inspiration you need to plan the rest of your dream wedding. Look at online galleries  to get a sense of the ballroom or hotel space or visit in person, if you can, to get a first-hand look at the details and sense of atmosphere.



Wedding receptions at Abbey Beach Resort

Whether it is an intimate gathering or a large celebration, most ballroom and hotel venues have the ability to not only house various sizes of events but also customize their packages accordingly. Ballrooms can be transformed to fit a certain theme or style and larger rooms within hotels can be closed off to create a more intimate setting. The versatility involved is also important as RSVPs change last minute. A large venue with flexibility can more easily add a table of ten with matching linens and chairs!



These venues are dedicated to making your dream wedding come to life, whether it be the perfect colour of linen, location of dance floor, right style of chairs or adding specialty glassware. Ballrooms and hotels are designed to accommodate. They provide classic and timeless atmospheres that simply ooze the feeling of a special celebration! Whether your look is fancy and glamorous or simple and timeless, the on-site coordinators and venue staff will guide you in deciding on all the pretty details!



Ballrooms and hotels exist to suit the needs and tastes of many different people. It’s no wonder that they are designed the way they are, allowing a couple to really incorporate their own tastes in terms of colour palette, floral, table arrangement, lighting and more. While some do have a distinct décor and style, others can have a more neutral, but still beautiful space to play with. It’s amazing how the space can look one way for one wedding and then be completely re-vamped for another wedding the very next night. Some may even have various rooms to choose from with entirely different looks. The bottom line is, if the building itself isn’t exactly unique, you can still achieve that distinct look, feel and style you want in the venue space. Maybe ask to review photos of all the different weddings that have taken place there, to help you visualize the design you are going for.




Wedding decorations at Abbey Beach Resort

The options for décor can vary from one venue to the next, but often a bride can choose from the venue’s offerings, whether it be linens, napkins, flatware, candles, etc. while adding her own touch with centerpieces and floral, leaving fewer details to worry about. Dependent on the size of  the venue, some may have exclusive providers of both floral and décor so, again, it is up to you to review the details and decide which venue meets your needs. An added convenience is that setup and teardown is also often included, leaving more time to relax and soak in what really matters both before and after the big day! If a bride is adding personalized decorations or has her own appointed florist, a decorating time is typically allotted the morning of.


Considering all the countless hours involved in planning a wedding, large or small, keep in mind that wedding planners and coordinators are a major help in the planning process. What’s great about these professionals is it is their job to know what you want for your big day and then make it happen! Armed with tips, timelines and emergency items in tote, they thrive on efficiency and covering every single detail. Especially if you are someone with a busy life as it is, they can come to the rescue with their know-how, experience and professionalism. What’s great about an in-house planner or coordinator is that they are well connected with vendors who are affiliated with the venue and have planned and executed many events in the space before. Their familiarity will be priceless and it is likely they have the best advice in terms of what will work best in that space. Check with the venue to see how often you will meet with the planner and the extent to which they are involved.


Any questions you may have our Functions Manager is available to help. Please contact her by phone 1800 017 097 or email.


Wedding photography at Abbey Beach Resort